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Single Phase AC Circuit - Multiple Choice Questions, Blanks & True False

Single Phase AC Circuit - Multiple Choice Questions, Blanks & True False Points :single phase ac circuit, multiple choice questions and answer,single phase ac circuit - fill in the blanks,single phase ac circuit - true or false, single phase ac circuit mcqs, objective type questions principles of electrical engineering Multiple Choice Questions 1. In RL series circuit, VL __________ VR.
(a) Leads
(b) Lags
(c) Equal

2. The phase angle of a series RLC circuit is leading, if
(a) XL = 0
(b) XC>XL
(c) R = 0

3. The distribution of flux in a conductor is called
(a) Q of coil
(b) Form factor
(c) Skin effect

4. The inductive reactance denoted by
(a) XL
(b) XC
(c) None of them

5. If XL = 2πfL, then value of π it is.
(a) 3.142
(b) 21/7
(c) None of them
Fill in the blanks 1. In an a.c circuit, the voltage across R, L and C are 30 V. 60 V and 20 V respectively. The applied voltage is 50 v.
2. In a parallel RC circuit, the current always leads the applied voltage.
3. In a parallel RC circuit, the voltage is the same across each elements.
4. At very low frequencies the parallel RL circuit behaves as almost purely inductive.
5. In a series RLC circuit, if XL>XC, the circuit behaves as an inductive circuit.
6. In a series resonance circuit impedance is minimum at resonance frequency.
7. The resistance offered by a capacitor in an a.c. circuit is given as 1/2πfc.
8. In an a.c. circuit with XC and R in series, if frequency is increased, the current will increase.
9. In an a.c. circuit with XL and R in series the current will be reduced.
10. The volt-ampere is a unit of apparent power.
True and False 1. The unit of inductive reactance is Ohm. T
2. If XL>XC, the current leading in circuit. F
3. If XL XC, then circuit is resonant. T
4. XL is directly proportional to 2πfL. T
5. XL is directly proportional to 2πfc. F
6. In RLC series circuit, if XC>XL, the circuit behaves as a capacitive circuit. F
7. In a parallel RLC circuit, if XLXC, the circuit behaves as inductance. T
8. In a RLC circuit resonance occurs; when L =-C. F
9. The unit of capacitance is Mho. F
10. Power factor improved by adding capacitor. T

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