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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - True and False

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - True and False Points : Mcqs with answer key, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning True and False with answer key, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Objective Type Question Answers, Absorption & Refrigeration True and False, Steam Jet Refrigeration System True and False, Air Washer True and False, Screw Compressor True and False, Commercial Air Conditioning True and False, Humidifiers and Dehumidifier True and False, Ice Plants True and False,
  1. In a steam jet system closed chilled water is more efficient. False
  2. In a steam jet refrigeration system the steam supply should be free from suspended or dissolved solids carry over from the boiler otherwise the nozzle may plug. True
  3. A steam jet system is a vacuum refrigerant system. True
  4. In a steam jet system the low pressure steam is supplied through a nozzle acting to eject water from the evaporator. False
  5. The main component of a steam jet refrigeration system consists of an evaporator (flash tank) a steam ejector, a condenser and two stage ejectors non-condensable pump. True
  6. In a steam jet system ammonia is used as the refrigerant. False
  7. The flash tank (evaporator) of a steam jet system should be thoroughly insulated. True
  8. The air washer is installed inside the conditioned space. False
  9. The spraying of water at high pressure such as are required in washer equipment that produces a noise level high enough to objectionable under some circumstances. True
  10. The unitary spray washer requires considerable more space than a central station type. False
  11. Air washer consists of a spray chamber in which a number of spray nozzles and raisers are installed. True
  12. Tobacco smoke will ordinarily pass through an air washer. True
  13. In a centrifugal chiller the float valve insures a liquid seal between the cooler (evaporator) and the condenser. True
  14. In, the centrifugal chiller the suction pipe is connected between the condenser and the compressor. False
  15. In the centrifugal refrigeration cycle condenser is condensed by giving up its latent heat of vaporization to the condensing water which passes through the tubes. True
  16. Referring to basic refrigeration cycle, the compression process shows an increase in heat content. True
  17. In a refrigeration system the drier is used normally in the exit from evaporator. False
  18. The dampers regulate the quantity of air flowing through various ducts and are used to balance the system. False
  19. The cooling tower cools the refrigerant so that it can be reused. False
  20. In centrifugal air conditioning system, the cooling and heating equipments are installed in one location rather then several locations because the maintenance of the system becomes much easier. True
  21. The drier strainer removes lint and dust particles from the circulated air through the air conditioning unit and ducting systems. False
  22. A roof top packaged unit is enclosed in weather-proof outer casings. True
  23. A dehumidifier can act as an air conditioner to cool the room or area to be conditioned and de-humidified. False
  24. The electric humidifier has the advantage of ease of installation flexibility of location and accurate humidity control. True
  25. Too much humidity may cause swelling of hydroscopic material (wood products) and may cause condensation on cold surfaces. True
  26. In some air conditioning systems certain chemicals are used to absorb moisture from the air is called chemical humidification. False
  27. When air is heated, it can absorb more water vapors. True

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