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Electric Current & Ohm’s Law - Blanks and True False

Electric Current & Ohm’s Law - Blanks and True False Points : Electric Current & Ohm’s Law - fill in the Blanks and True and False, principle of electrical engineering objective type question and answer electrical technology Fill in the blanks 1. An electron has a negative charge equal to 1.6 x 10-19 coulombs.
2. Atom itself is a chargeless particle.
3. The charge per unit time passing through conductor is called current.
4. Resistance of the conductor is inversely proportional to its cross sectional area.
5. The unit of electrical conductivity is Mho/meter.
6. The value of current remains same in series circuit.
7. Mho is the unit of conductance.
8. A circuit which has a number of resistors, capacitor and voltage source is called complex network.
9. K-orbit has one sub-orbit.
10. The S.I. unit of conductance is siemens which is also known as Mho.
True or False 1. The unit of charge is ampere. F
2. M-shell is closest to the nucleus. F
3. The atomic number of boron is 5.T
4. The electrons which exist in the outermost shell of an atom are called valence electron. T
5. By increasing the temperature in pure metals, the resistance decreases. F
6. There are multiple way of flow of current in parallel circuit. T
7. Ohm’s law applicable only on a.c. supply. F
8 Potential differences is the unit of charge. F
9. Neutron is the lightest particle in atom. T
10. A good conductor contains less conductance. F

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