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Desired Thermodynamic Properties of Working Fluid

Desired Thermodynamic Properties of Working Fluid Points : desired thermodynamic properties of working fluid The working fluid creature use in vapour power cycles should have following popular properties. Usually water is use as working fluid in vapour power cycles as it is simply accessible in profusion and satisfies mainly of necessities. Other working fluids can be mercury, sulphur dioxide and hydrocarbons and so on.
  1. Fluid must have higher saturation temperature at sensible pressures as it shall give way high efficiency because most of heat will be additional at high temperature. Therefore, mean temperature of heat addition shall be high even at sensible pressure.
  2. Working fluid must have lesser precise heat so that sensible heat supplied is insignificant and Rankine cycle approach to Carnot cycle. In case of fluid having small exact heat hatched portion will be not present or minimum.
  3. Working fluid must have its' freezing point greatly under atmospheric pressure so that there is no chance of cold in condenser.
  4. Saturated vapour line should be steep enough so that state after expansion has high dryness fraction.
  5. Working fluid must be non-toxic, non-corrosive and chemically steady.
  6. Working fluid thickness should be high so that the size of plant becomes lesser.
  7. Working fluid must have its' critical temperature within metallurgical limit.
  8. It should prove important reduce in volume upon concentration.
  9. Working fluid must be cheap and simply available.

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