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Safety Precautions while Working with Taps and Dies

Safety Precautions while Working with Taps and Dies Points : safety precautions while working with taps and dies, safety precaution for tapping operation
  1. Wash you hands after by cutting fluid. Skin-rashes cause through several cutting fluids can extend into a serious skin confusion if they are left on skin for a long time.
  2. Handle broken taps as you would handle broken down glass. They are sharp edges and are risky to handle.
  3. One must forever wear goggles if tap, die or threaded piece is to be clean by compressed air.
  4. Be careful of some cuts instantly. Disease can occur when injuries are not correctly treat.
  5. One must use a brush to dirt free away chips formed by hand threading. Never use your hand.
  6. Tap worker must also be careful that other person work in area too wearing goggles.

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