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Precautions for Safety of Cupola Furnace

Precautions for Safety of Cupola Furnace Points : precautions for safety of cupola furnace For operating the cupola successfully, the following safety precautions must always be kept into account.
  1. Molten metal must always be tapped out well in time before its level rises too high in well of cupola furnace. Some delay of tapping molten metal, slag floating on surface of molten metal, will start flowing into wind belt through tuyeres and air passage will be block and it will result in severe difficulty of jamming of cupola furnace.
  2. While air pass through tuyeres, the temperature by tuyere opening will thus be reasonably lower and thus molten iron and slag will contain a tendency to solidify by these opening and block them. This should be prevented through common poking and removal of these materials through means of a poking rod through tuyeres.
  3. Tap hole have to be suitably closed by means of a well proper plugging means. Clay mix by an equivalent amount of coal dust forms an extremely proper mixture for plugging up tap hole.
  4. For safety of improved excellence refractory lining have to be use for arrange or repair furnace so that it can endure high temperature as formed inside furnace during melting, or else it will fuse and mix by molten metal to type slag.
  5. Furnace worker during firing furnace must always make an effort to put metal charge in the centre. He have to make sure that coke charge is well spread all around and towards the firebrick lining to make sure even and thorough melting of metal.
  6. Quantity of air supply must be accurately controlled. An excess quantity of air will always result in waste of fuel and lowering of temperature inside and a smaller quantity, than necessary, will cause partial combustion of fuel which is adverse.
  7. In close tap-hole, precaution must be taken to press plug downwards in hole so that the splash of molten metal, during plugging does not fall on hands of furnace worker.

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