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General Safety Guidelines while Working on Grinding Machines

General Safety Guidelines while Working on Grinding Machines Points : general safety guidelines while working on grinding machines
  1. One must make sure that no combustible or flammable materials are close that can be ignited with sparks generate by grinding wheels during grinding process.
  2. Grinding wheels must be check correctly sensible for soundness. Suspend the wheel on a string and tap it. If wheel rings, it is possibly sound.
  3. One should not use a grinding wheel that has been drop or dealt by a heavy blow, even if there is no obvious damage.
  4. Before by a new grinding wheel, allow it run for a few seconds at full speed to check and create sure that it is entirely balanced.
  5. One must allow grinding wheel to reach full speed before step it into grinding place. Faulty wheels frequently break at start of a process.
  6. One must gradually move job-pieces across face of wheel in a regular manner. This will remain wheel sound.
  7. Follow manufacturer’s orders for correct use of grinding wheels.
  8. Grinding wheels roughly worn or cracked must be replace.
  9. For all time wear goggles during grinding or related processes.
  10. One must not operate grinding wheel beyond its bursting speed.
  11. Grinding wheel must be correctly balanced as mounting.
  12. Always use face of grinding wheel that is destined for grinding.

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