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Types of Brakes

Types of Brakes Points : types of brakes, hydraulic brakes, electric brakes, mechanical brakes Brakes, according to means use for convert the energy through the braking element, are classified as:
1. Hydraulic brakes e.g. pumps or hydrodynamic brake and fluid agitator,
2. Electric brakes e.g. generators and eddy current brakes, and
3. Mechanical brakes.

Hydraulic and electric brakes cannot convey member to rest and are generally use where large quantity of energy are to be changed as the brake is retard load for example in laboratory dynamometers, high way trucks and electric locomotives. These brakes are too use for retard or controlling speed of a vehicle for down-hill travel.
Mechanical brakes, according to direction of performing force, can be divided into following two groups:
(a) Radial brakes Radial brakes the force acting on brake drum is in radial way. Radial brakes can be sub-divided into outside brakes and inside brakes. According to shape of the friction element, these brakes can be block or shoe brakes and band brakes. (b) Axial brakes Axial brakes the force acting on brake drum is in axial direction. Axial brakes can be disc brakes and cone brakes. The analysis of these brakes is like to clutches.

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