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Belt Joints

Belt Joints Points : belt joints, types of belt joints As the endless belts are not accessible, then belts are cut as of big rolls and the ends are joined mutually with fasteners. The different types of joints are
1. Cemented joint
2. Laced joint
3. Hinged joint

Cemented joint, (a), made by manufacturer to form an endless belt, is prefer than other joints.

The lace joint is produced by punching holes in line across the belt, leaving a edge among the edge and holes. A raw hide strip is use for lacing two ends jointly to type a joint. This type of joint is known as straight-stitch raw hide laced joint.

Metal laced joint is made similar to a staple connection. The points are drive through flesh side of belt and clinched on inside.

At times, metal hinges can be fastened to belt ends and attached by a steel or fibre pin.

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