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Advantages and Disadvantages of Gear Drives

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gear Drives Points : advantages and disadvantages of gear drives, advantages and disadvantages of the gear drive as compared to other drives, i.e. belt, rope and chain drives Advantages
  1. It can be use for small centre distances of shafts.
  2. It can be use to transmit large power.
  3. It has elevated efficiency.
  4. It has reliable service.
  5. It transmits precise velocity ratio.
  6. It has compact layout.
  1. It requires proper lubricant and reliable process of applying it, for the proper operation of gear drives.
  2. As the manufacture of gears requires special tools and equipment, thus it is costlier than other drives.
  3. The inaccuracy in cutting teeth can cause vibrations and noise through operation.

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