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Material Used for Shafts

Material Used for Shafts Points :material used for shafts Material use for shafts must have following properties:
  1. It must have elevated wear opposed to properties.
  2. It must have good heat treatment properties.
  3. It must have low notch sensitivity factor.
  4. It must have good machinability.
  5. It must have high strength.
Material use for common shafts is carbon steel of grades 40 C 8, 45 C 8, 50 C 4 and 50 C12. Mechanical properties of these grades of carbon steel are particular in follow table.
Mechanical properties of steels used for shafts
Standard designation
Ultimate tensile strength, MPa
Yield strength, MPa
40 C 8560 - 670320
45 C 8610 - 700350
50 C 4640 - 760370
50 C 12700 Min390
When a shaft of high strength is necessary, then an alloy steel for example nickel, nickel-chromium or chrome-vanadium steel is use.

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