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Failure of a Column or Strut

Failure of a Column or Strut Points : failure of a column or strut It former experiential that as a column or a strut is subject to a compressive load and load is steadily enlarged, a phase will reach while column will be subjected to eventual load. Afar this, the column will stop working through crushing and load will be known as crush load.

It as well experience, that at times, a density member does not stop working totally by crushing, but also by twisting that is buckling. This happens in case of long columns. It has also been experiential, that every the short columns stop working due to their crushing. But, if a long column is subjected to a compressive load, it is subjected to commpressive stress. If load is steadily enlarged, column will reach a phase, when it will start buckling. Load, at which the column tends to have lateral dislocation or tends to buckle is call critical load, buckling load, or crippling load and column is said to have develop an elastic volatility. Buckling takes place about the axis have lowest radius of twist or least moment of inertia. It can be renowned that for a long column, value of buckling load will be less than crushing load. Also, the value of buckling load is low for long columns, and moderately high for short columns.

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