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Design Procedure of Chain Drive

Design Procedure of Chain Drive Points : Design Procedure of Chain Drive
  1. Choose smallest number of teeth on smaller sprocket or pinion.
  2. Initially, conclude the velocity ratio of chain drive.
  3. Find number of teeth on larger sprocket.
  4. Conclude design power with using service factor, such that Design power = Rated power x Service factor
  5. Select type of chain, number of strands for design power and r.p.m. of lesser sprocket.
  6. Make a note of parameter of chain, for example roller diameter, pitch, minimum width of roller etc.
  7. Locate pitch circle diameters and pitch line velocity of slighter sprocket.
  8. Conclude the load (W) on chain by using the following relation, i.e. W = Rated power/Pitch line velocity
  9. Evaluate factor of safety through dividing breaking load (WB) to load on chain (W).
  10. Fix the centre distance among the sprockets.
  11. Determine the length of chain.

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