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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cold Working Process

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cold Working Process Points : advantages and disadvantages of cold working process Advantages
  1. Resistance to rust is reduce as ultimate tensile strength, yield point and rigidity are improved.
  2. Distortion or fragmentations of grain structure is formed.
  3. Strength and hardness of metal are improved but ductility is decrease.
  4. Surface finish is better and close tolerance can be maintained.
  5. Precise dimensions of parts can maintained.
  6. Loss of metal due to corrosion is prevented.
  1. Tooling costs are elevated and as such it is use as large quantities of alike components are necessary.
  2. Just small size components can simply cold worked as greater forces are necessary for large section.
  3. Grain structure is not refined and lasting stress have dangerous effects on definite properties of metals.

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