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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mixed Refrigerant System

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mixed Refrigerant System Points : advantages and disadvantages of mixed refrigerant system Advantages
  1. Evaporation temperature variation at, a given refrigerating effect or refrigerating effect variations at a given evaporation temperature is feasible.
  2. It is possible to reduce condenser pressure by addition of higher boiling point refrigerant.
  3. If one component lacks stability, this can be increased by adding a component which is more stable.
  4. The capacity of the same compressor can be increased or decreased by adding different percentages of different refrigerants.
  5. Oil miscibility is improved in case of mixtures compared with single refrigerant.
  1. The normal operation of the machines is upset if the leakage or one component is in greater proportion on the other.
  2. It is imperative to now heat transfer co-coefficients of various mixtures at different compositions if suitable refrigerants in proportions to be chosen.
  3. It is difficult to design machines working on this system as the thermodynamic properties of all mixtures are not available in detail.
  4. From heat transfer point of view, the non-isothermal condensation may prove disadvantageous.

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