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Metal Casting Terms

Casting Terms Points : Metal Casting Terms, Metal Working The Metal Casting Terms are given below: 1. Shrink Hole Cavity that forms in a metal part as there was not sufficient source metal fed into mold during the casting process. 2. Flask Metal or wood frame with no set top or bottom in which mold is produced. Depending upon place of flask in molding formation, it is referred to with different names for example drag lower molding flask, cope upper molding flask, cheek intermediate molding flask use in three part molding. 3. Ladle The name for a diversity of receptacles use to move and pour molten metal through casting process. 4. Pattern Pattern is replica of final object to be prepared. Mold cavity is prepared by the help of pattern. 5. Lining The refractory layer of firebrick, sand, clay or other materials that coat inside of furnace or ladle. 6. Parting line Parting line is dividing line among the two molding flasks that makes up mold. 7. Pigging Pouring molten metal back into lined containers so that it can be return to furnace. 8. Molding sand Sand, which binds stoutly with no losing its permeability to air or gases. It is a combination of silica sand, clay, and moisture in suitable proportions. 9. Slag Film that forms on top of molten metal as a effect of impurities. Slag is composed of non-metal elements. 10. Facing sand Small amount of carbonaceous material scattered on inner surface of mold cavity to give a improved surface finish to castings. 11. Shrinkage The reduction in volume of metal that occur as it solidifies. 12. Core Divide part of mold, prepared of sand and usually baked which is use to make openings and different shaped cavities in the castings. 13. Die Metal form use as a stable mold for die casting or for a wax pattern in investment casting. 14. Pouring Basin Tiny funnel shaped hollow at top of mold into which molten metal is pour. 15. Mold cavity Impression in mold formed through removal of pattern. It is filled by molten metal to form casting. 16. Sprue The way through which molten metal from pour basin, reaches mold cavity. In various cases it controls the flow of metal into mold. 17. Vent An opening or passage in a mold or core to make easy escape of gases while the mold is pour. 18. Chaplets Chaplets are use to hold cores in mold cavity to take care of its own weight and overcome metallostatic force. 19. Runner The channel through which molten metal is carried as of sprue to gate. 20. Gate A channel through which the molten metal go into the mold cavity. 21. Vent Small opening in mold to make easy escape of air and gases. 22. Riser A piece of molten metal located in mold to feed castings when it shrinks and solidifies. Also identified as “feed head”.

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