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Working Principle of Vernier Protractor

Working Principle of Vernier Protractor Points : Working Principle of Vernier Protractor, Degree, Minutes, Seconds Many times while angles should be measured very precisely. The universal Vernier Bevel protractor can calculate angles accurately to 1/12 degree or 5 minutes. A fast review of the circle, angles and the units of extent associated with them will aid in considerate how to read this tool. Degree A circle, no material what size, contains 360 degrees. This normally written360° Angles are as well measured by degrees. Minutes But a degree were divided into 60 equal parts, each part would represent 1 minute. The minute is use to represent a fractional part of a degree. It is write 0° 0’. Seconds Very accurate work requires that the minute be sub-divided into smaller units known as seconds. There are 60 seconds in one minute written as 0”.
Thus, an angular extent is in print in degree, minutes and seconds as 38° 18’ 23”. The universal Vernier bevel protractor is finely made tool with a: dial graduated into degrees, a base or stock, a sliding blade that be able to be extended in also direction or set at any angle to the reserve.

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