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Uses of Gas Turbines

Uses of Gas Turbines Points : Uses of Gas Turbines, Generation of Electric Power, Turbojet and Turbo propeller Engine, Supercharger, Marine Engines, Railway Engines Though there are innumerable uses of gas turbines these days, yet the following are important from the subject point of view: 1. Generation of Electric Power The gas turbines are extensively used in the generation of electric power. The largest gas turbine power plant is installed in Switzerland. It consists of two turbine of total capacity 40 MW. 2. Turbojet and Turbo propeller Engine They are also used to drive air compressor and turbines in turbo propeller engines. The gas turbines in turbojet and turbo propeller engines are operated in the temperature range of 800°C to 1000°C. 3. Supercharger The gas turbines are also used to drive superchargers filled in the aviation gasoline engine as well as for heavy-duty diesel engines. 4. Marine Engines The gas turbines are used in marine engines. Unlike steam turbines or steam engines, the gas turbine do not require water storage tanks or distillation plants. 5. Railway Engines The gas turbines has also entered the filled of railway engines. The first gas turbine locomotive was put into service in 1941 in Switzerland. The turbine developed 7900 h.p out of which 5725 h.p is consumed to drive air compressor.

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