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Uses of Compressed Air

Uses of Compressed Air Points : Uses of Compressed Air, Acid and Chemical Industries, Agriculture, Air Craft Industry, Ammunition Depots, Mining Operations, In General Compressed air is a precious commodity in which a considerable amount of energy can be stored and later released as and when desired. The power available from compressed air can be used profitably in most industrial fields as a substitute for steam, electricity or other force industry relies heavily on versatile compressed air power to perform almost limitless number of tasks. The steady rising trend in the usage of compressed air in acid and chemical works, in agriculture, in aircraft and ammunition deposits, etc. has resulted from realization that compressed air saves times, cuts costs and eases physical burdens. Some typical uses of compressed air are discussed below: 1. Acid and Chemical Industries The compressed air plays an important part in the soda manufacture, in hydrogenation of coal with pressure up to 300 Kgf/cm2, in the manufacture of synthetic ammonia using pressure up to 1000 Kgf/cm2. Agitation process in liquids can be carried out with much ease with the help of compressed air in acid arid allied industries. 2. Agriculture Compressed air is used in processing of food farm maintenance by spraying of insecticides, inflating tyres of tractors and trucks. 3. Construction Industry In bridges, road building, dams, structural work sewerage and tunnel and practically all other types of construction is helped by compressed air to do the job better and faster. 4. Air Craft Industry Several thousand rivet and meets go into the making of an aero plane. Air operated drills, wrenches and riveting hammers are used for this work. 5) Ammunition Depots The safety of compressed air as well as its versatility makes it a desirable form of power for many operations in ammunition deposits and shell loading plants. Air operated ammunition hoists are spark free and quick acting. 6. Mining Operations The utility of compressed air power is paramount in running mining machines where electric motors and combustion engines, cannot be used because of fire risks due to the presence of inflammable fumes & gasses. 7. In General Compressed air is used for starting I.C. engines, spraying of fuel into diesel engines, to spray paints etc.

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