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Types of Filing

Types of Filing Points : Types of Filing, Cross filing, Draw filing, Filing curved surfaces 1. Cross filing
2. Draw filing
3. Filing curved surfaces
1. Cross filing Remain the file level on the job; otherwise the flied surface resolve is rounded and uneven in its place of flat. Use the full length of the file and avoid jerky motions. This is calling cross-filing.
2. Draw filing The Draw filing is prepared to obtain a thinly ended surface, such a surface is flatter than one complete by normal filing, which is recognized a cross-filing. A mill file is suggested for this reason. Draw filing is ended by property the file with one hand on every end of the file, the thumbs about Vito % inches as of the work on every side. Clutch the file flat on the work and illustrate it back and forth, urgent only on the ahead stroke.
3. Filing curved surfaces The Flat work must be tested frequently with a straightedge held in dissimilar positions beside the light. The directly edge of a steel rule or square might be use for, this reason. The work is flat if no light can be seen among the straightedge and the surface. It might also be hardened for smoothness on a surface plate.

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