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Type of Punches

Type of Punches Points : Type of Punches, Definition, Pedestal punches, Perforator punch, Pilot Punch, Single Punch, Compound punch The various type of punches are too several to talk about in this content. Only necessary type will be consider.
1. Pedestal punches
2. Perforator punch
3. Pilot Punch
4. Single Punch
5. Compound punch
1. Pedestal punches Pedestal punches pedestal punches, sometimes called flanged punches, are constructed by machining the shape of the punch in a block of steel in a manner that leaves a flange around the base the punch. A pedestal punch always has a base area larger than its cutting face area its major advantage is its stability caused by the large base and the solid construction Cutting forces are dispersed through the large base, which makes the pedestal design applicable for heavy cutting loads. The flange of the pedestal punch should be wide and thick enough to provide ample room for holes used for mounting purpose. 2. Perforator punch This kind of punch has a dia of cutting face about 25mm. or less than this they are rottenly called as insert punch these kinds of punches may be castled but they are available in souk easily with the standard size. This kind of punches are used in fabrication of filter and mats that’s why they are arranged in a row which has minimum fine holders for punches. Punch plates are use to hold the perch in the right direction sometimes they are used to increase the strength of the punch as well, punches of add shapes cannot be fitted in plates that are why we use pressure plate and punch bolts to tight and fit the punch in the plate. 3. Pilot Punch They are used in progressive dies the first issues or first setup is to arrange the operations and in these operation piecing is the first operation pilots are made to high grade tool steel become toughness and hardness are their main requirements that why process of heat treatment is also applied often. 4. Single Punch It the name of the punch tells that it is used to perform a single operatiot3 this operation may be cutting or forming this type of punch is the simplest type of punch among the all. These punches may vary with respect to material, quality design and casting method used. Their cost increases if they are to be designed and manufactured for continues production while for low production their cost must be low. 5. Compound punch These kind of punches perform two or more operations in a single stage punch of compound die, inverted die or consignation die is the best example of compound die. The best feature of compound die is this that all operations to be performed on a work process may be performed in the same location.

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