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Type of Hammers

Type of Hammers Points : Type of Hammers, Ball Pein Hammer, Cross Pein, Claw Hammer, Mallet Ball Pein Hammer Ball Pein hammer is usually use with mechanics. The pein (head) is ball shaped; thus it is use for forming a rivet head through spreading the shank of a rivet. It is a very ordinary type of hammer use for striking as doing general work in the shop or at house.
Cross Pein Cross pein hammer is flat and form a cross by the hammer handle. It type of hammer is use widely in steel metal shops used for bending, providing channel in sheets, collar swaging; and so on.
Claw Hammer Claw Hammer head have a cut in the centre and is bent in a sharp curve. It is use meant for pulling nails out of wood by the help of the head, as the face is the similar as that of ball pein hammer. This is mostly use through cobblers and carpenters. At times the pein has a little curve on the claw and is call ripping hammer. It is use for ripping wood.
Mallet Wooden hammer is calling a mallet. It is use through carpenters to force their tools with by sheet metal recruits for bending slim sheet.

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