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Type of Chisels

Type of Chisels Points : Type of Chisels, Flat Chisel, Cape Chisel, Diamond Point Chisel, Round Nose Chisel 1. Flat Chisel Flat chisel has a extensive cutting edge. This is use used for chipping flat surfaces, cutting off sheet metal cutting bars and rivets, and used for most of the ordinary chipping around the shop. It is the most commonly used chisel.
2. Cape Chisel Cape Chisel have a thin cutting edge and is use meant for cutting thin grooves. It should be widest at the cutting edge to remain the chisel since sticking in the groove; it is so less likely to fracture.
3. Diamond Point Chisel Diamond point chisel have a critical edge shaped similar to a diamond. It is use to cut V-shaped grooves and to chip square corner.
4. Round Nose Chisel Round nose chisel have a curved cutting edge and is use for chipping round corners and groove.

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