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Screw Press

Screw Press Points : Screw Press, Definition, Handle, Ram, Guide, Ball, Stop collar, Frame Definition This press can say fly press or ball press
This simplest Fly press, having balls being operated y hand is also known as hand press or ball press the heavy iron balls are rotated by the handle to transform into vertical motion of the ram by a screw.

The kinetic energy of the moving balls is utilized to do the useful work. The stroke length of the ram can be, adjust and clamped by a collar to the lower end of the ram and the die is bolted on the bed of the press. The sheet metal placed in between the punch and die, the sheet metal may be shared by moving the ram. Which gets motion from the rotating fly balls?
Kinetic energy of the two fly balls is equal to the useful work of the ram (neglecting frictional losses).
The functions of main parts of press are as follow.
1. Handle: Handle is attached to the above frame with the help of nut us is operated with the help of screw. 2. Ram: Ram is attached at the lower part of screw and with the help of screw it moves upward and downward rams moves through the guide. 3. Guide: Guide is located at the bottom of the frame it is, used is direct the ram passing through it. 4. Ball: Balls are placed at the end of top most assembly they are used to increase the weight. 5. Stop collar: Stop collar is placed above the nut is used to stop the screw from losing toward bottom. 6. Frame: Frame is the main body which support all of the components placed over bed.

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