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Safety Precautions during filing

Safety Precautions during filing Points : Safety Precautions during filing, What precautions should be observed during filing
  1. Don’t use file with no handle.
  2. The work must be a little under the height of the elbows or on 40 to 44 inches as of the floor.
  3. Use just a file by sharp teeth.
  4. Grasp the lever of the file by the right hand and hold the palm against the end of the handle by the thumb on crest.
  5. Used for heavy filling, put the palm of the left hand on the tip of the file with the fingers pressing beside the underside.
  6. Just on tiny or fine work, anywhere the file is too tiny to hold in equally hands, may it be held in one hand. In this case, the forefinger, in its place of the thumb, is located on top.
  7. Have on goggles after removing the scale.
  8. Do not finger the field part of cast iron by the finger or hand.
  9. Remain the file open from chips and filings by brushing it by a wire brush call a file card.

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