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Safety in Oxyacetylene Welding cylinders

Safety in Oxyacetylene Welding cylinders Points : Safety in Oxyacetylene Welding cylinders
  1. Never move a cylinder by dragging, sliding, or rolling it on its side. Avoid striking it against any object that might create a spark. There must be enough gap escaping to cause an explosion.
  2. Never permit grease or oil to come in contact with cylinder values.
  3. Cylinders should not be exposed to furnace heat, radiators, open fire, or sparks from a torch.
  4. Cylinders should not be allowed to lie in a horizontal position nor should he valve-protector cap be used for lifting cylinders.
  5. Defective cylinder valves should not be repaired but replaced.
  6. Oxygen should never be used as a substitute for compressed air to operate pneumatic tools, blowing out pipe lines or dusting clothing because a serious accident may result.
  7. When opening valves always stand to one side of and away from the regulator.

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