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Safety in Metal Work

Safety in Metal Work Points : Safety in Metal Work
  1. Roll your sleeves above your elbows.
  2. Remove your tie or tuck it in your shirt.
  3. Remove wrist watch, rings, and other jewelry which might get caught in moving parts of machinery.
  4. Keep your hair cut short or wear cap to keep long hair from getting caught in machinery.
  5. Wear a shop coat or apron to protect our clothing.
  6. Wear safety goggles or face shield when drilling, grinding, buffing or when there is a danger of flying chips.
When working with tools in metal working area, following guide points help in developing safe working techniques.
  1. Do not try to use tools and equipment if you are not familiar with them.
  2. Do not enter another work area without good reasons. Do not disturb them by talking to them will they are working.
  3. Report all defective or broken tools to the teacher.
  4. Dull tools are dangerous and will not work properly. Keep all cutting edges sharp.
  5. Replace crack hammer handles and fasten tightly.
  6. Never use a file without a handle.
  7. Always grind mushroom heads and burrs of chisels, punches, and other small hand tools.
  8. Never carry sharp edges tools in your pocket.
  9. Always carry tools and work-pieces with their points or sharp edges downward. It is a good practice to protect sharp cutting edges with heavy paper, piece of wood, or a canvas or leather cover.
  10. Before using electric hand tools; check the electric1 connections, plugs and switches in good condition.
  11. Clean and put away all tools and accessories after their use.
  12. Wipe up any oil or grease which might have dropped on the floor.

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