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Safety in Machine Shop

Safety in Machine Shop Points : Safety in Machine Shop Safety in a Machine Shop may be divided into two categories:
A. Safety practices which will prevent injuries to workers.
B. Safe practices, which will prevent damages to machine and equipment, it is to notice that of ten causes of equipment damaging and personal injuries.
The following rules should be observed when working in a machine shop:
  1. Preferably eye protection; wear approved safety g1asse which includes plain safety glasses, plastic safety glasses, and face shields, etc.
  2. Never wear loose clothing when operating any machine. Wear suitable over-coat, dongri, or shop apron.
  3. Always stop the machine before you clean it.
  4. Always keep the machine and hand tools clean.
  5. Always use a brush and not a cloth to remove any chip from a workstation.
  6. Oily surfaces should be cleaned with a cloth after cleaning any chip with a brush.
  7. Do not place tools or materials on machine table-use a bench near the machine if necessary.
  8. Never place tools or materials on the floor close to a machine. It will create hurdle in movement.
  9. Return bar stock to the storage rack-after cutting off the required length.
  10. Never use "compressed air" to remove chips from a machine.

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