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Safety in Foundry Shop

Safety in Foundry Shop Points : Safety in Foundry Shop
  1. Dress properly when working with molten metal.
  2. Wear a pair of clear goggles, leggings, and asbestos gloves.
  3. Do not get the sand too wet. Water is enemy to the molten metal.
  4. Never stand or look over the mold during the pouring or immediately after the pouring because the molten metal might spurt out of the mold.
  5. Do not light the furnace until you have your teacher’s permission.
  6. If cold metal must be added to melted metal, be sure it is perfectly dry, and that tongs used fire also perfectly dry, or an EXPLOSION WILL RESULT
  7. Housekeeping
    i) Everything on its place and a lace for everything.
    ii) Never throw rubbish on the floor.
    iii) Keep gangways and work area free of metal bars, components, etc.
    iv) If oil or grease is spilled, wipe it up immediately or someone might slip and fall.
  8. Moving About:
    i) Always carefully ..... never run.
    ii) Keep to gangways .... Never take short turns.
    iii) Obey warning notices, signals, safety signs and alarms, etc.
    iv) Never ride on a vehicle not made to carry passengers for example Truck. For Left Truck
  9. First Aid
    i) Have first aid treatment for every injury however small.
    ii) Know the first aid arrangements for your work place.

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