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Safety and Accidents in Mechanical Workshop

Safety and Accidents in Mechanical Workshop Points : Safety and Accidents in Mechanical Workshop Safety Safety means application of correct and safe working techniques at all times. In any set up, man starts working with all hand tools and machinery in controlled environments.
These hand tools and machines can be dangerous if used improperly or carelessly. Working safely is one of the first things, a student or apprentice should learn because safe way is usually the correct and most efficient way of doing the work without any type of loss.

Safety when applied in an institute or industrial set up, develops Common sense and good judgment when handling materials or using tools and equipment. Modern machinery is equipped with safety guards and protective devices to protect the worker and make the operation of equipment as safe as possible.

Statistics shows that guards and other safety devices afford only 15% protection. This means 85% of all accidents that occur in institute and industrial plants are due to the “human factor”. Now-a-days the causes of accidents are quite well known and of the might be foreseen if the individual acquires a habit of “thinking before doing”.

Accident An accident is an event or series of event which are unforeseen and which may or may not cause injury to a person or damage to the property involved. Accidents can prevented by eliminating the causes of accidents are said to the a result of thoughtlessness, or lack of consideration of the rights of others.

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