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Safe Work Mechanical Practices

Safe Work Mechanical Practices Points : Safe Work Mechanical Practices
  1. Do not operate any machine before understanding its mechanism and knowing how to stop it quickly.
  2. Before operating any machine, be sure that the safety devices are in place and in working order.
  3. Be sure that the working ‘tools and the work-piece (job) are properly mounted on the machine before starting it.
  4. Keep hands away from moving parts.
  5. Always stop (dead stop) a machine before measuring, cleaning or making any adjustment.
  6. Never use a rag (cotton waste) near the moving parts of a machine.
  7. Never allow more than one person to operate a machine at the same time except instructor for demonstration and guidance.
  8. Get first Aid immediately for any injury, no matter how small.
  9. Before you handle any work-piece, remove all burrs and sharp edges with a file or portable disc order in case of heavy work-piece.
  10. For heavy work-pieces, follow safe lifting practices.

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