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Mechanical Press

Mechanical Press Points : Mechanical Press, Definition, Bed, Bolster Plate, Rom, Base, Punch, Fly wheel Definition In mechanical press, the rotary motion of the crank shaft is obtained from an electric motor and is tans formed into reciprocating motion of the ran by using different mechanical arrangement like rack and pinion. Eccentric, crank cam, etc the hydraulic press has a large cylinder and position, coupled to a hydraulic pump. The piston and ram is not unit. They cylinder contains fluid under high pressure devices the piston and transforms this power for reciprocating movement of the ram. The working of the power press s at par to that of the band press.
The functions of main parts of press are as follow.
1. Bed: Bed is a stationary part of the press which works as a table it is used to Place the bolster plate. 2. Bolster Plate: It is lynched to since thick plate made up of steel in this plate the die assembly is being located and supported. 3. Rom: It is after called is slide which moves back and forth in the fame and the upper part of punch is to be fitted on it. 4. Base: It is the main body of the press on which all the functions are to performed and all the components are to be filled. 5. Punch: It is used to exert the pressure on the die it run the piston over it. 6. Fly wheel: Fly wheel is used to obtain the power from motor continuously and energy stored in it is to be transferred to the work-piece.

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