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Importance of Safety in Mechanical Workshops

Importance of Safety in Mechanical Workshops Points : Importance of Safety in Mechanical Workshops Main objective of the training programmes is to train manpower to produce technicians. Technicians will work as supervisory staff in different industries. Manpower is trained to improve their skill and safe working techniques. Therefore, the safety practices in the workshops of institutes are considered very important.
The following general safety rules should be practiced by the apprentices:
  1. Always keep the workplace in good condition.
  2. Always dress properly.
  3. Always observe the work standards strictly.
  4. Always work with prearranged signals and instructions.
  5. Never allow any unauthorized person to operate the machinery or handle the tools or parts.
  6. Always inspect for safety before operation.
  7. Always wear goggles when cleaning materials or using a grinder.
  8. Always use a shield or protector in welding work.
  9. Always maintain good physical material conditions.
  10. Be aware of inexperience and over confidence.
  11. Be neat, tidy and safely dressed for the job.
  12. Think safely and work safely at all times.

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