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I.C. Engines

I.C. Engines Points : I.C. Engines, Definition Definition Internal combustion engines (i.e., I.C. Engines) are those engines in which the combustion of fuel takes place inside the engine cylinder. These are petrol, diesel and gas engines. We have seen in steam engines, that the fuel fed into the cylinder, is in the form ‘of steam which is already heated (or super heated), and is ready for working in the combustion cycle of the engine. But in case of internal combustion engines, the combustion of fuel takes place inside the engine cylinder by a spark and produces very high temperature a compared to steam engines. The high temperature produced may ruin the metal of cylinder, valves etc. It is, therefore, necessary to abstract some heat from the engine cylinder. The abstraction of heat or the cooling of cylinder may be effected by the surrounding air as in case of a motor cycle or aero plane engine; or by circulating water through jackets surrounding the cylinder barrels and cylinder head. The water cooling is mostly adopted for large pistons.

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