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House Circuit

House Circuit Points : House Circuit, Type of connection in house circuit, Connection of switches and fuse, Stair care circuit Electricity usually comes to our homes by two wires, the live (L) and the neutral (N). The potential difference between these wires is 220V.
The neutral wire is connected to the earth about every 100 meter. The potential on the live wire is alternately positive and negative with respect to the neutral wire. Type of Connection in House Circuit Every circuit is connected in parallel with the supply i.e. across the live wire and neutral wire and receives the full mains potential difference of 220 V. Connection of Switches & Fuse These are always in the live wire side of the circuit. If they were in the neutral side, the electrical instruments would be live’ even when switches were off or fuses blown. Stair Care Circuit The circuit in which an electrical device is controlled from two places by two-way switches is called Stair Care Circuit.

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