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Gas Turbines

Gas Turbines Points : Gas Turbines, Definition Definition The idea of gas turbine is the oldest one, and its working principle is an improved version of the wind mill, which was used several centuries back. In order to achieve an efficient working of the turbine, the movement of gas (or air) is properly controlled and then directed on the blades fixed to the turbine runner.
The air, under pressure supplied to the turbine by an air compressor, which is run by the turbine itself.

In a gas turbine, first of all, the air is obtained from the atmosphere and compressed in an air compressor. The compressed air is then passed into the combustion chamber, where it is heated considerably. The hot air is then made to flow over the moving blade of the gas turbine, which imparts rotational motion to the runner. During this process, (he air gets expanded and finally it is exhausted into the atmosphere. A major part of the power developed by the turbine is consumed for driving the compressor (which supplied compressed air to the combustion chamber). The remaining power is the criticized for doing some external work.

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