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Forming Process

Forming Process Points : Forming Process, Roll Forming Forming shape is similar to bending except that the bend is along quire instead of straight is bending large redial in straight line may also be referred as forming operation. Roll Forming Roll forming may be as a process used to change the shape of coiled stock into desired Contours without altering the cross- sectional area.
  1. The process utilizes a series of rolls to gradually change the shape of metal as, T passes between them.
  2. 2. Most ductile sheets or strips (0.1 to 20) mm are used for roll forming.
  3. The main advantage of this process over other production methods is speed.
  4. This process can handle preprinted or electroplated surface without damage.
  5. This process is particularly suitable for producing large quantities of long strips of desired shape, with minimum handling operations.

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