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Embossing Points : Embossing, Definition, Embossing Process, Basic Steps of Embossing Definition Embossing it is the operation to impart a raised or depressed fancy design on the surface of the blank material. Circular grooves on sheet metal container, metal military buttons with insignia (identifying mark) raised on the surface, is called of embossing. Embossing Process Embossing and coning both are cold press working operations in which the starting material is in the form of a blank of sheet metal. The aim of both the operations is to force impressions into the surface of the metal. However whereas” embossing” is a forming operation, “coning” is a pressing operation.
It is the operation used in making raised figure on sheets with its corresponding relief on the other side. The die set consists of a die and punch with the desired contours so that when the punch and die meet the clearance between them is same as that of the sheet thickness. The metal is in the direction of the applied force the force needed is much less than in the coining process. Embossing operation is generally used for providing dimples on sheets to increase their rigidity and for decorative sheet work used for panels in houses and religious places.
Basic Steps of Embossing
  1. Study and investigate the basic properties of material of work-piece
  2. Design the embossing die according to given condition.
  3. Manufacture the embossing die.
  4. Perform the embossing operating.

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