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Drawing Process

Drawing Process Points : Drawing Process, Definition Definition Drawing is a plastic deformation process in which a flat sheet, or plate is formed into recessed, three dimensional part with a depth more than several times the thickness of the metal The metal assumes the desired configuration as a punch descends into a mating or the die moves upward over a punch. Hot Drawing s used for forming relatively thick-walled parts of simple geometries, usually cylindrical. Because the material is Hot, There is often considerable thinning as it passes through the dies. In contrast, cold drawing uses relatively thin metal, changes the thickness very little or not at all and produces parts in a wide variety of shapes. Hot drawing illustrated in the upper left band schematic of a heated sheet or plate is positioned over a female die. A punch then descends, pushing the metal through the die, converting the circular blank to a cylindrical cup. The height of the cup walls is determined by different between the diameter of the original blank and the diameter of the punch. This dimension is limited by the onset of several defects. Wrinkles can appear in the cup walls as the circumference is reduced, or the punch can act as a piercing tool, caring the blank around the punch perimeter.

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