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Dies Materials

Dies Materials Points : Dies Materials, Different Materials for Dies Definition The basic properties which a die material follow:
1. Strength and harness must be light
2. Should have high resistance against near
3. Must be datable
4. Should have good machining properties.
Different Materials for Dies According to materials property use for dies the materials.
1. Hard Material
2. Medium Material
3. Soft Material
1. Hard Material High speed steel and water hardened steel cones in this category and these materials are used for blanking and deep drawing processes. While for press forming a poky metal steel is employed except this oil hardened steel, cold working die steel, cast iron etc also comes in this category. 2. Medium Material They are used for not too hard and neither too soft material aluminum and braze are two main materials in this kind. 3. Soft Material Rubber and chromatic are the main material in this category they are used for working on very soft materials.

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