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Cuts of files

Cuts of files Points : Cuts of files, Classify files according to cut and. spacing between teeth, Single cut, Double cut, Rasp-cut Cuts of files are separated into three group:
1. Single cut
2. Double cut
3. Rasp-cut
1. Single cut The Single-cut file have single rows of cuts across the face of the file. The teeth be similar to the edge of a chisel.
2. Double cut The Double-cut file have two sets of cuts crossing both, additional which give the teeth the form of sharp points. That files cut faster than other than not as smoothly as the single-cut file.
3. Rasp-cut The teeth on a rasp-cut file be not connected with be formed through raising tiny parts of the surface by a punch. The rasp-cut file is used on wood, shoes, and horse’s hoofs. It is not used in the machine shop.

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