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Classification of Compressors

Classification of Compressors Points : Classification of Compressors 1. According to working
(a) Reciprocating compressors, and
(b) (Rotary compressors

2. According to action
(ii) Single acting compressors, and
(b) Double acting compressors

3. According to number of stages
(a) Single stage compressors, and
(b) Multi stage compressor.

4. According to method of cooling
(a) Air cooled compressors and
(b) Water cooled compressors.

5. According to nature of installation,
(a) Portable
(b) Semi-fixed
(c) fixed

6. According to application,
(a) Rock drill compressor
(b) Road building compressor
(c) Trench digging compressor
(d) Sand blasting compressor
(e) Spray painting compressor
(f) Pneumatic hand tool compressor

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