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Cares while Using a Steel rule

Cares while Using a Steel rule Points : Cares while Using a Steel rule Steel rule is precision, prepared and the quality of service depends leading the care it receives. Try to study the following instructions;
  1. Frequent wiping with an oily cloth will prevent the formation of rust.
  2. Keep the rule clear of moving machinery. Using it to clean metal chips as they form on the machine will1 not only ruin the rule but will prove.
  3. Store the rule separately. Do not throw it in a draper with other tools.
  4. Do not lay other tools on the rule.
  5. Do not use a rule to loosen and tighten screws.
  6. Use the correct rule for the job at hand.
  7. Use the rule carefully, so that the ends and edges do not become nicked or worn.
  8. Cool the tool with wax or a rust preventative if it is to be stored for a prolonged period.
  9. An occasional cleaning with fine steel wool will keep the graduations legible. Make it a practice to take measurements and tool setting from 1-inch line or other major graduations rather than from the end.

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