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Care While Using Micrometer

Care While Using Micrometer Points : Care While Using Micrometer
  1. Clean the appearance of the spindle and anvil before use, with a soft cloth or by lightly closing on a piece of paper and drawing the paper away.
  2. Stay the micrometer clean. Wipe it down with an oily cloth to check rest and tarnish. A fall of light oil on the screw thread will keep it operating easily.
  3. Turn the micrometer thimble on the palm of your hand if it is to be opened or closed a considerable distance. But do not twirl it.
  4. Make not spring micrometer fitted with ratchet by applying too much pressure, when making measurement.
  5. Prove for accuracy by closing the spindle gently and note whether the zero line on the thimble coincides with the zero on the spindle.
  6. But the micrometer is to be kept for a long period clean and oil it and then place it in a small box for safety.
  7. Relate the micrometer to the work carefully so that its measuring faces are not damaged. The same care is to be taken when removing it from the work after taking the dimension.
  8. Do not put the micrometer where they may drop on the ground.

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