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Bench Vise

Bench Vise Points : Bench Vise, Definition Definition Metal is often seized in a Machinist’s or Bench Vise while skill is required. The vise is generally mounted for sufficient out on the bench edge to permit extended work to be clamped in. a vertical position. It can, be a Solid Base Vise, before of a Swivel Base type, which allows the vise to be rotated. Small accuracy part perhaps held in a Small Bench Vise, this type vise can be tilted to any preferred position.

Vise jaws be case-hardened and, unless covered by soft metal CAPS, must not be use to clamp work which may be damaged or stained by the jaw serration (notches or teeth).

Clamp deed of the vise is obtain since a heavy screw turned by the handle. On a few vises, hydraulic pressure is use to apply pressure. The handle is long sufficient to apply ample pressure. Under no condition should the vise handle be hammer tense; nor should a length of pipe by use for added power.

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