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Advantages of Salt Bath Furnaces

Advantages of Salt Bath Furnaces Points : Advantages of Salt Bath Furnaces
  1. Scaling, oxidation and decarburization are eliminated (since Work-pieces is fully immersed in molten salt, and no air can contact it).
  2. All work-pieces are uniformly surrounded and are in direct contact with the heating medium, i.e the molten salt.
  3. The work-piece is rapidly heated and the results are readily reproducible.
  4. If desired, only a particular portion of the work-piece may be heated by immersing it in salt bath; unimpressed portion will remain unaffected.
  5. Sections ranging from light to heavy can be heated in the same bath.
  6. In a salt bath furnace, since there is no auxiliary equipment to regulate or adjust, even unskilled labor with a minimum of supervision can he employed.

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