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Practical Absorption System

Practical Absorption System Points : Practical Absorption System, Heat Exchanger, Analyzer, Rectifier The simple absorption system discussed above can function and provide refrigeration but its operating efficiency will be very low. In order to make it more practical it is fitted with a heat exchanger, an analyzer and a rectifier. These accessories which help to improve the performance and working of the plant are described below. 1. Heat Exchanger The location of the heat exchanger between the generator and absorbers is ideal. The strong solution pumped from the absorber to the generator must be heated; and the weak solution from the generator to the absorber must be cooled. The heat exchanger between the two streams, therefore, reduce both the cost of heating the generator and the cost of cooling the absorber. 2. Analyzer The analyzer is a direct contact heat exchanger consisting of series of tray mounted above the generator. Its function is to remove partly some of the unwanted water particle associated with ammonia vapour going to the condenser The water vapours if allowed to enter the condenser may enter the expansion valve Where they will freeze and choke the pipe line. 3. Rectifier The final reduction (elimination) of the percentage of water vapour occurs in the rectifier a water cooled heat exchanger which condenses water vapour (and some ammonia) ad returns it to the generators. The net refrigerating effect of such a machine is the heat extracted in the evaporator. The total energy supplied for operating the machine is the sum of the work done by the liquid pump and the heat supplied in the generator.

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