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Gear Cutters

Gear Cutters Points : What is Gear Cutters, Definition Form-tooth gear cutters for milling machines, are made in standard sets of eight cutters for each module and diametral pitch. Anyone of these eight different cutters may be used for one size of teeth. The selection of a cutter depends on the number of teeth in the gear; as well as the size of the gear tooth. The profile of each of the eight cutters, and underneath each one, the shape of the corresponding tooth. Comparative sizes of gear teeth, involutes system diametral pitch. The profile of the tooth on a 13 tooth gear of a given module or pitch is different from that on a 40-tooth gear. Therefore, a cutter with a different profile form must be used to cut gears with different numbers of teeth. With a standard set of eight cutters, a satisfactory tooth profile can be produced on a gear with any number of teeth, ranging from 12 teeth or more, up to and including a rack.

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