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Direct or Rapid Indexing

Direct or Rapid Indexing Points : What is Direct or Rapid Indexing In direct indexing or rapid indexing, the worm and worm wheel are disengaged and the spindle is moved by hand. The required number of division on the work is nude by means of the rapid index plate located on the nose of the spindle. This plate usually has 24, 30, and 36 equally spaced holes, and only the numbers which will divide evenly into 24, 30, and 36 can be indexed. An index plate placed in one of the holes of the holes of the rapid index plate locates the spindle in the proper position and a clamping: device locks it when the cut is being made. This method is used when a. large number ‘of duplicate parts are being made. This method is commonly used for work requiring moderate accuracy. Direct indexing is commonly used for milling squares, hexagons, and fluting taps or reamers etc.

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