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Bimetallic Thermostat

Bimetallic Thermostat Points : Bimetallic Thermostat, Definition Definition A bimetallic strip can be incorporated to an electrical circuit to serve as a thermostat, a device to control the temperature. Suppose that a bimetallic strip is connected to an electric room heater.
When the current flows through the heating element of the heater, its temperature rises and attains a value at which the bending of the bimetallic strip is so large that the electric contact is broken and the current ceases to flow. These results in the fall of temperature which reaches such a value that the bimetallic strip straightens to close the circuit again. The heating element is switched on and the bending of the bimetallic strip starts again the process of on and off is repeated and the temperature is controlled that is temperature range of the heater is fixed.

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